Awareness Through Movement®

Spring 2024

Online Classes — Tuesdays 10:30 – 11:30 am (PDT)

In-person Classes — Tuesdays  1 – 2 pm (PDT)
 at Corvallis Community Center 

Move younger using the ingenious guided movement explorations of the Feldenkrais Method®. Each series focuses on specific issues while incorporating whole-body movement.  Use attention to precise movements to improve coordination, flexibility, posture, and balance, lessen pain and stiffness, and promote greater enjoyment of daily activities.  For all levels of ability.  You’ll need a blanket or mat for floor work.   
          Audio lesson recordings  are provided weekly to students in both online                 and in person classes.

Graceful Movement – Stable Legs

Online Class — Tuesdays    10:30 am

Legs splashing water at beachEnhance the flexibility and coordination of your feet and ankles, knees, hips and spine for support and comfort. Maximize the function of all parts of your legs to turn, bend, reach, stand and walk with greater balance and ease.

Lessons will be done lying on the floor, sitting, and standing.   Audio recordings are provided.

April 16 – June 11      $80      REGISTER NOW



Organize Your Upper Body for Movement

Online Class — Tuesdays    10:30 am

Legs splashing water on sandy beach

Much of our posture, comfort, and even energy depend on how we use and align our head, neck, shoulder girdle, rib case and spine. We’ll also explore how the eyes, jaw, and breath contribute to relaxed, upright, confident movement.

Lessons will be done lying on the floor, sitting, and standing.   Audio recordings are provided.

June 25 – August 27      $90      REGISTER NOW 

NO CLASS July 30

Online  ATM  Class is available through  the Corvallis Community Center (C3) using Rec Fit Membership or specified health insurance wellness benefit.                                 

  • monthly  Rec Fit Membership ($40/month in-city discount for individual Corvallis residents;  $50/month General Price) to take group exercise classes and lap swims as desired
  • or with one of the following health insurance wellness benefits: Renew ActiveSilver & Fit, or Active & Fit.
  • Note: there is an additional charge for online classes for Silver & Fit and Active & Fit.
  • In-person classes are held in the Chandler Room.   Please bring your own mat or use a mat at the Center, sanitizing it after your use.   For those who cannot easily move to and from the floor, a raised area is available. 
  • In-person class is also available for a fee.  See City Program for details.
If one of these options appeals to you, please contact C3 with questions . Phone: 541-766-6959.   C3 online registration is available with these links:
               Online Class  HERE      In-person Class HERE

Contact Me      for more information or to discuss your concerns.

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