Awareness Through Movement®   Fall 2022

Online Classes — Tuesdays 10:30 – 11:30 am (PDT)

In-person Classes — Tuesdays  1 – 2 pm (PDT)
only at Corvallis Community Center 

Move younger using the ingenious guided movement explorations of the Feldenkrais Method®. Each series focuses on specific issues while incorporating whole-body movement.  Use attention to precise movements to improve coordination, flexibility, posture, and balance, lessen pain and stiffness, and promote greater enjoyment of daily activities.  For all levels of ability.  You’ll need a blanket or mat for floor work.


Older Woman standing looking up, leg back
Rosalie O’Connor, 2007. Used with permission, Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

User’s Guide to a Healthy Back
Virtual Class — Tuesdays at 10:30 am

Each section of our spine moves in unique ways to provide both stability and mobility.  The entire spine needs to move in coordination if we are to engage in our daily activities with comfort, ease, strength and grace.   Such a well-organized spine leads to upright posture and smooth and comfortable walking, even if we experience some limitations due to injury or “aging”.

We will work on the floor, in sitting and in standing. Audio recordings provided.

Sept 27 – Dec 13           $80           REGISTER NOW


Interested in in-person classes?  See Note below.

Man & Woman with outstretched legs and arms exercising in a fieldFeet and Legs, Hands and Arms

Virtual Class — Tuesdays at 10:30 am

Half of the bones in our skeletons and about 18% of our muscles are in our extremities. No wonder they are capable of so much power and finesse — and also prone to problems!   We’ll explore the similarities of our hands and feet and learn to more efficiently use their specialized muscles.   You can then tap into the power of your entire skeletal and muscular systems to move with greater ease and grace.

Jan 10 – March 14            $90            REGISTER NOW
No class Feb 14

Please note:    The 10:30 am on-line classes are available through the Corvallis Community Center (C3) only by monthly  Rec Fit Membership ($40/month for individual Corvallis residents to take group exercise classes and lap swims as desired) or with the following health insurance benefits: Renew Active, Silver and Fit, and Active and Fit.  If one of these options appeals to you, please contact C3 for details and for registration/wait list information.  Phone:  541-766-6959.  You can also register online here:

Awareness Through Movement® 09/27-12/13 (Virtual)

Awareness Through Movement® 01/10-03/14 (Virtual)

In addition, these series are available inperson at C3 on the same Tuesdays as noted above at 1 pm in the large Multi-purpose Room.   Please bring your own mat or use a mat at the Center, sanitizing it after your use.   For those who cannot easily move to and from the floor, a raised area is available.  Contact me in advance to confirm availability if interested in using the raised area.

Awareness Through Movement® 09/27-12/13 (In-Person)

Awareness Through Movement® 01/10-03/14 (In-Person)

Contact Me      for more information or to discuss your concerns.


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