Awareness Through Movement®   
Spring – Summer 2023

Online Classes — Tuesdays 10:30 – 11:30 am (PDT)

In-person Classes — Tuesdays  1 – 2 pm (PDT)
 at Corvallis Community Center 

Move younger using the ingenious guided movement explorations of the Feldenkrais Method®. Each series focuses on specific issues while incorporating whole-body movement.  Use attention to precise movements to improve coordination, flexibility, posture, and balance, lessen pain and stiffness, and promote greater enjoyment of daily activities.  For all levels of ability.  You’ll need a blanket or mat for floor work.

Exploring the Maze: Lower Back, Hip Joints, and Pelvic Floor

Older couple walking on rocky coastOnline Class — Tuesdays    10:30 am

Shared or related muscle groups in these areas affect posture, breathing, sitting, walking and other activities.  Explore their connections to improve flexibility and alignment, and ease discomfort. Learn self-help techniques to address sciatica.  This series is for men, women, and those who do and do not experience sciatic pain and want to experience greater ease of movement.

April 11 – June 13      $90      REGISTER NOW


Posture in Action 

happy senior couple walking in the parkOnline Class — Tuesdays    10:30 am

Efficient posture is the ability to move easily into any action.  Efficient posture is about connection and coordination. This series will explore how the eyes and neck, shoulders and ribs, and the spine, pelvis and hip joints connect and coordination their action to experience easy movement and upright alignment.  

Lessons will be done lying on the floor, sitting and standing.

June 27 – Aug 29    $80    REGISTER NOW

Online and in-Person ATM Classes available through  the Corvallis Community Center on Tuesdays at 10:30 am and 1 pm, respectively. Register for either series after March 20:
  • using monthly  Rec Fit Membership
    ($40/month for individual Corvallis residents to take group exercise classes and lap swims as desired)
  • or with the following health insurance wellness benefits: Renew Active, Silver & Fit, and Active & Fit.
  • Note: there is an additional charge for online classes for Silver & Fit and Active & Fit.
  • In-person classes are also available on drop-in basis with prior instructor approval.

Exploring the Maze (Online)

Posture in Action (Online)

In-person classes are held in the Chandler Room.   Please bring your own mat or use a mat at the Center, sanitizing it after your use.   For those who cannot easily move to and from the floor, a raised area is available.  

Exploring the Maze (In-Person)

Posture in Action (In-Person)

If one of these options appeals to you, please contact C3 for details and for registration/wait list information.  Phone:  541-766-6959. 

Contact Me      for more information or to discuss your concerns.

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