Awareness Through Movement®

Both online and in-person classes offered

It’s not your usual exercise class!

Rosalie O’Connor, 2007. Used with permission, Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

A variety of positions enhances learning 

For most classes, students lie on a mat or blanket on the floor; occasionally, they sit, stand or walk.  Classes are about an hour in length.  Dress comfortably in layers and arrange a mat or blanket for lying on the floor.  Have a towel or small pad available if you need something under your head when lying on your back or side.  For those unable to get to and from the floor, a raised platform is available at the Corvallis Community Center in-person class.  Please contact me in advance to check platform availability.

Class series relate to particular themes

Classes are arranged in series of 5-10 lessons related to how we use a specific part of ourselves, or to broader aspects of daily living.  For instance, a series may focus on hips and low back, or neck and shoulders.  Other series address address activities, such as reaching, bending, walking, working at the computer, playing with grandchildren.  We also address broader challenges like balance or stress reduction.   Each series always addresses the entire body in movement and how we move throughout our week.    Two related series sometimes comprise a quarterly term and, in those cases, students may register for a single series or for the entire term.

Individual interests and needsTeaching ATM 1

I am committed to addressing individual limitations and needs, allowing students of any fitness level and ability to participate.  To promote learning, I provide an audio recording of each class. Time for comments and questions encourage applications to daily life situations.  I periodically ask students to suggest topics for future classes.

For some students, regular attendance at weekly classes becomes part of their health-promoting lifestyle.  Others complement classes with one or more individual sessions as they experience particular challenges or seek to improve ability in some area.

What students are saying —

I find your class so compelling and am always amazed at how such little movements can change a lifetime of habits. Your voice, especially, is just perfect for the lessons and I’m surprised that I have not fallen asleep – it is so calming and soothing.    —   Anne T

Marg Bartosek teaching Feldenkrais® movement class,Thank you for the really wonderful neck lesson .  .  .  My neck feels like it’s back in the right place!    —   Maria K

What a great lesson .  .  .  I am excited to find even easier ways to practice and connect all this. I have to say I have had less
shoulder pain since this series began than the entire two years prior.   —  Linda B

Marg, your movement instructions are well thought out and your choice of words very helpful.    —   Cheryl M

Thanks for another great class!  The collar bone assist lift has been very helpful to me to practice better posture.   Looking forward to the doorway class, it sounds fun!   —  Rebecca D

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