Exercise is highly recommended for those living with Parkinson’s disease and focused movement addresses the unique  challenges involved.
All classes include  some challenge, as well as successfully practicing strategies and skills that encourage safety and enjoyment in daily life.  We also problem-solve individual movement challenges. Each weekly class is unique!
Find the class option that’s right for you
Two in-person classes on Thursdays at Fitness over 50 offer different levels of intensity:
  • 11:00 am (PDT) —  includes floor work and is faster-paced
  • 12:10 am (PDT)  — does not include floor work and accommodates the timing and attention of those with more advanced symptoms.
  • free trial class for first-time students
Both classes focus on movement issues important to health and safety.
  • Flexibility, coordination and agility
  • Balance and fall prevention
  • Transitional movements — sitting to standing, walking, turning, plus to and from the floor in 11:00 am class
  • Cognitive challenges and multitasking
To enhance learning, classes blend a variety of approaches.
  • Conscious attention and movement education principles of the Feldenkrais Method®
  • Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery Moves (PWR!Moves) in a variety of positions to support new movement habits:
    • sitting in a chair
    • standing
    • lying on the floor – on back, front and all fours —  11:00 am class only
  • Music, multi-tasking in a supportive environment, vocal and cognitive challenge
  • Short intervals of higher-intensity movements using perceived rate of effort
  • Regularly practiced movement sequences to maintain agility and regain balance when challenged

Handouts encourage at-home practice.

What students are saying

I’m so grateful to Marg for developing this class.  She focuses on teaching us techniques to help manage Parkinson’s symptoms day-to-day.   Marg’s vast base of knowledge is specific to what I’m experiencing.  With her strategies, and my practice, such routine activities as turning over in bed and getting out of a chair are not the obstacles they can be.  Classes are always creative, fun and inclusive.  Under Marg’s patient guidance, my joints don’t complain, walking is easier, I stand upright, and have useful tools at my disposal to help me affect my version of PD.                                                                                                                    Claire S

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Marg Bartosek is a PWR!Moves Certified Instructor and has  been teaching specialized movement classes for those living with Parkinson’s for seven years.  She adapts movements to meet individual needs and encourages students to “think outside the box.” Marg enjoys teaching and wants class members to have fun, too.

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