ONLINE – Intermediate – Mindful Movement with Parkinson’s — August


2:30 – 3:30 pm

August 4, 11, 18 & 26

ONLINE class via ZOOM


Students work on flexibility, coordination, and upright posture using a variety of seated and standing positions. To improve walking and balance, and to practice fall prevention, we use a significant amount of standing and stepping in many directions .  Each week includes Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery(PWR)!Moves — usually standing and sitting.  Going to the floor is an option I encourage.  We move in variety of positions on the floor (back, front, side-lying, sitting) as well as in all-fours and modified all-fours positions.  For those unable to go to the floor, sitting and/or standing modifications are provided.  We include one or more short intervals of higher intensity training, some strength training and facial, vocal and hand exercises in response to individual needs.  We use music and each class session is unique.  Students will receive a video recording of the class.


ONLINE – Intermediate – Mindful Movement with Parkinson’s — August
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