To get the most benefit:

Please dress comfortably so you can breathe without restriction and remove your shoes.  If you wear glasses, you may wish to remove them, at least from time to time.  Some lessons are done seated in a chair with a firm seat, feet on the floor underneath your knees.  Others take place on the floor on a mat or blanket.  Have a towel or small support handy in case you need it for under your head.

In each lesson:

  • please move slowly and within a small range, at least initially. 
  • if you experience discomfort, make the movement smaller or slower, and if discomfort persists, please continue your exploration only in your imagination or simply listen to the lesson. 
  • rest when you like — before getting tired is ideal.  Pause the recording if needed.  Certainly rest if you find your attention can no longer stay on the movement practice as directed.

Each movement practice is short — for more in-depth exploration, please check my listing of classes or contact me.

Depositphotos_19024735_xl-2015Imagining Uprightness

In a seated position, use your imagination to bring your spine into upright alignment. Very small adjustments can improve your ease in sitting and standing.  Bring these tiny movement to mind during the day.  Pick some specific times to do this, such as while waiting for a page to load at the computer or for the microwave to finish warming your drink.

Hands push wallEngage Your Upper Back

The upper back — you know, that part of the spine between your shoulder blades —can be an unknown, and therefore unmoving, part for many of us.  This lesson uses the action of lightly pushing your hands into the wall above your head while lying on your back to wake up this area.

mark-timberlake-on UnsplashGetting to Know the Glutes

We often lose the strong function of our gluteus muscles as we age. This 20-minute lesson involves lying on your back, front, kneeling and standing to explore these important muscles and differences in how we use our two sides. Move at your own pace and feel free to explore this lesson in segments.  Functioning glutes help us keep our balance, maintain upright posture and enjoy powerful and easy walking.

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